What is HPV?

living with hpv

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Living With HPV (Human Palillomavirus)

Have you heard the word "HPV"? You can read this article carefully to know more about the Human papillomavirus infection. HPV(Human papillomavirus) is a common sexually transmitted virus. Once infected, it can affect some functions of the skin and genitals. In severe cases, it can lead to skin warts, genital warts, and some forms of cancer. Therefore, different types of HPV can cause different psychological and physical problems. Generally, this HPV virus is transmitted through sex. So once you have sex with someone who carries the HPV virus, it usually infects the genital area of ​​both men and women, including the vulva, vagina, cervix, rectum, anus, penis and scrotum.

After People Are Infected With HPV

How did you get HPV? Some people may not remember exactly how they got infected. when you come into contact with the sexual skin of an infected individual, and you will most likely be infected with HPV. Therefore, when you have oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex with your sexual partner, the organs you touch are prone to direct infection. You may have sex with multiple sexual partners, which can make you more susceptible to HPV. Therefore, both sexual intercourse and sexual contact can transmit HPV. Since HPV is a common STD (sexually transmitted disease), we should take protective measures in our lives. It is estimated that most sexually active people have a greater chance of contracting HPV. Therefore, people with strong sexual desires should pay more attention to protecting themselves and checking regularly.

Sometimes, infected people are asymptomatic because the virus is still in its incubation period, making it more likely to pass it on to their sexual partners without knowing it. This group of people looks normal and healthy in the early stage, but if not taken seriously, HPV can often lead to serious health problems. These include genital warts and some forms of cancer. directly endanger the life safety of individuals. If a woman is infected with the HPV virus through the genitals, it can cause cervical or vaginal cancer in women. Men can cause penile cancer. The virus, which is contracted through anal sex, can cause anal cancer in both men and women. Oral cancer in both men and women due to mouth and throat infections. These diseases usually appear years after a patient's first infection.

HPV Treatment & HPV TESTS

Throughout the dating process, we need to reduce the spread of HPV, preferably not through skin-to-skin contact. Additionally, patients should learn to use condoms and/or other contraceptives to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus.Is HPV Curable? When a patient is infected with the HPV virus, you need to consult a professional doctor. First, you need to understand the seriousness of the infection, and then determine the relevant treatment plan.

While there is no cure for HPV, certain active preventive measures can keep you healthy. You need to know that "prevention is better than cure". Therefore, vaccines play an important role in preventing cervical and vaginal cancer in women. HPV is a virus that causes changes in the cells of the lining of the cervix. HPV tests primarily detect the presence of the virus in the body rather than changes in cells. Faced with this situation, we usually do the HPV test at the same time as the Pap test. These two testing techniques are only effective for cervical abnormalities in women caused by HPV. Unfortunately, there is currently no effective HPV test for men.

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